Breakthrough Growth

English Learners, Special Needs, and Title I students move up to proficiency through songs, video, games and rewards.

School Wide Gains In Math and Reading

Why Learning Upgrade?

English Learner Solution

Through a comprehensive series of individualized lessons, Learning Upgrade moves students up to proficiency so they can meet criterion and get reclassified (RFEP). The goal is to prevent students from becoming long term English learners (LTEL).

Address Special Needs

The program has proven effective with special needs, English learner, and Title I students in a variety of school settings. The unique format of engaging musical lessons and a step-by-step learning path provides students starting out far below grade level an opportunity for success.

Address Math and ELA Standards

With one simple-to-use program, teachers can provide comprehensive math and English Language Arts instruction to every student. Courses cover Common Core and state standards including math, reading, writing, grammar, and listening.

Individualized and Differentiated

Each student has a unique path to mastery within Learning Upgrade. Teachers can assign different lessons for each student, each lesson adapts to a student’s responses, and each student must repeat low scoring lessons to mastery.

Proven Breakthrough Growth

Over 1 million students in over 2,000 schools have completed Learning Upgrade lessons. The results include school-wide growth in math and reading, and breakthroughs with special needs, English learner, and Title I students.

Engaging Musical Lessons

How do today’s students want to learn? Through video, music, games, and rewards. By tapping into students’ comfort with interactive media, the program motivates students to complete a rigorous curriculum to mastery.

Formative Assessment Reports

Students are continuously completing activities that measure performance on each lesson. The results provide the basis for advancement or repetition to mastery. Teachers have a real-time view of every student’s progress on every lesson and standard.

Free To Start. Affordable to Grow.

Bring Learning Upgrade’s proven Math and English Courses to your school at no cost.

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